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Can’t decide? We know we can’t! So why not get a small bag of each and try them all! All our sauces are creamy, versatile and delicious and we want you to find more ways to use our products. Have fun with cooking, creating new dishes and discovering new flavors!


Yellow Cheeze sauce - 100g

Our first creation! The Yellow Cheeze sauce, perfect for your cravings of vegan mac and cheese but also for many other recipes! Use it on vegetables, potatoes, sprinkle it dry on garlic pasta, a salad or even pop corn! Crazy trick: use it to coat cubes of tofu before frying to make it crispy and cheesy!

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Rose! - Rosée sauce sauce - 100g

The classic of the classics: the rosée sauce! An undeniable favorite to everybody. But plant-based and made with real 100% pure tomato powder. No artificial flavors. Use it on pasta of course, but also on veggies, make a parmigiana with crispy tofu au gratin or try our tomato fake-risotto with lemony mushrooms!

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Chives! Creamy herbs sauce - 100g

A simple, herby, creamy sauce. Not our favorite at first, but quickly revealed to be one of our most versatile sauce. Use it as a coating for crispy tofu, add a dash of white wine and make it fancy of simply make a creamy fake-risotto that will impress everyone!

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Jambalaya Ched's - Cajun sauce - 100g

Welcome to the bayou! Ok, maybe not, but the smoky, spicy, cheezy creaminess of that sauce will definitely bring you somewhere else with you cooking. Make a sauce for pasta or rice or use it as a warm add-on to your favorite recipe! A client of ours told us she added it to her dressing, what a great idea! Full of chipotle, this sauce will warm up any plate!

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Sås - Swedish gravy - 100g

Before going veggie, we used to love Swedish meatballs and if we are being honest, we would sometimes go to that blue and yellow store, of course to shop... but mostly to eat... It was a completely assumed guilty pleasure. So of course when we decided to create plant-based sauces, we needed a Swedish veggieball sauce. But we quickly found out that we were not limited to one dish. Perfect as a stew sauce, or even on a poutine!

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