Are your products gluten free?

In our current flavors, there’s no ingredients with gluten. But, our facilities and our ingredients are not certified gluten free and may have been in contact with gluten or any other allergens.

Are La Poud' products healthy?

Our first concerns are taste, experience and comfort. But you’ll see that the La Poud’ products have no artificial flavors, no MGS, no hydrogenated oils, no added sugar and are low in salt. That last feature is not only about health, but also about taste. We want you to be able to double the amount of powder in your recipes if you feel like it without having to taste only salt.

Where can I buy La Poud'?

At the time, you can only buy it online, here. But we are working on it!

How many portions of La Poud' is there in a pouch?

Well, that is a difficult question. We really encourage you to use the products in your own ways, using more or less depending on the dish you are making or your taste. But in good mac and cheeze portions, we would say 4-5 for a small pouch, 10-12 for a big pouch (but we won’t judge if you make only 8 portions…)

What is the absolute best way to eat La Poud'?

Definitely on the couch, wearing your pajamas, eating directly from the pot with a wooden spoon, watching your favorite show. (And yes, you are allowed to add ketchup)

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