Our story

I was working in a small vegan café / grocery store in Montreal when I had the idea of La Poud’. The place was bent on bring comfort food, high quality dinner plates and mouth watering creations. When we started creating food for the shelves too and I saw in our clientele the need for quick, easy and comforting options.

I started with the simple mac’n cheeze sauce but if I’m being honest, the first recipe was not nearly as good as the one we have now. Eventually, the grocery part of the business was shut down to give space for a better restaurant experience. That decision was a good one, but I was left with all those ideas that I knew would bring joy on our tables.

Having some time to think between jobs, I had the idea of instant plant-based mac’n cheese that kept coming to mind. Just for the kick I tried making some just for me and I was really surprised with the result. Soon enough, I had ten flavors and the idea of starting a business was budding quickly.

And here we are, offering now only a fraction of the hundreds of ideas we have, hoping to bring more to your table in the years to come.

Our mission

What do we want to achieve with La Poud’? Simple, we want to bring easy, affordable, quick and comforting plant-based food to people. We want to convince non-veg people that plant-based food can be more than a green salad and a smoothie. We want to bring back some of the feels you got when mom made your favorite dish and you asked for seconds even though you were not hungry anymore. For us, food is not only sustenance, it’s an experience, it’s comfort, pleasure, memories… We want to bring that to your table even on the days you don’t have time to cook, even when you don’t have a lot of inspiration, even if you can’t cook. We want to inspire comfort and creativity by being part of your everyday.

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